Best Travel Cameras – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Travel Camera

When going on holiday it seems almost essential to capture your experience with quality photographic and video evidence of which boast upon your return. Whether you’re Vlogging, taking selfies or simply photographing the scenery on your trip, you’ll need a decent and durable camera that is both lightweight and small enough to fit in a pocket whilst on the move.

Here is a list of 3 top travel cameras on the market right now. Highlighted, are the key features, price and quality to help you compare clearly and choose the best camera to take with you on your next adventure:


Panasonic DC-TZ90EB-K Review – Our Number 1

Panasonic DC-TZ90EB-KThis Stylish Panasonic camera (view on Amazon) would be your best bet for a selfie taking or vlogging holiday. It is also the most expensive of the three on our list, here are it’s features so you can decide if it’s worth the extra cash:

  • 20.3 MegaPixel- For clear and quality images
  • 30X Zoom – Good zoom lengths for long distance photos
  • Super high quality 4k Photo and Video- so you can watch movie-like videos of your trip from your home.
  • Great photo Enlargement without any quality drop-off so you can blow up your images on your PC
  • 10 frame per second burst shutter speed
  • Flip up LCD screen – take the perfect selfie without any awkwardness.Panasonic DC-TZ90EB-K review
  • Wide screen option – for capturing landscapes or panoramic scenery
  • Medium battery life – with extra battery packs so it’ll never run out of juice

This Sleek and professional Jet black camera has face detection and continuous focus mode which is perfect for vlogging on the move. Fast shutter speed and great audio at arms length- (medium quality audio beyond 2m).


Key features: 4K definition Photo & Video – Flip screen selfie functions – Medium Range Zoom

Pricing: Mid Range



Sony DSCHX90 Review – Number 2

Sony DSCHX90This camera is easily the most stylish out of our chosen three. With its classic look and cool aerodynamic body, it’s not hard to believe this is one of Sony’s best compact digital cameras. Read the features below to decide if its features live up to its look:

  • 18.2 MegaPixel – For sound and quality images to remember your adventure.
  • 30X Optical Zoom lens – Very decent zoom length
  • 180 degrees tiltable LCD screen – For capturing perfect shots at tricky angles
  • Built-in NFC/Wi-Fi connectivity – For sharing on mobile and smart devices
  • GPS Function – compatible with smart phones and devices, for tracking your trip
  • Ultra-lightweight at 245 grams- you wont even notice it in your pocket!Sony DSCHX90 review

This camera is stylish and cool with its unique tiltable screen. It is lightweight and has an extensive range of features linking it to smartphone devices-perfect for a traveller who loves to post directly to their social media accounts on the go!


Key Features: 180 degrees tiltable screen – 245 grams – Wi-Fi & GPS

Pricing: Mid Range



Canon PowerShot SX720 Review – Number 3

Canon PowerShot SX720This product by the king of cameras, is the latest compact digital device that Canon offers, with its official release in June 2017. With is Super optical Zoom the Powershot would be a wildlife photographer’s dream.

  • 20.3 MegaPixel – For a clear and high quality image
  • 40X Optical Zoom with Zoom Framing Assist- capable of capturing very long distance shots in high quality, or detailed close-ups.
  • Optical Image Stabilisation -even at full Zoom, for capturing memories while you are moving.
  • Full HD 1080pp, 60fps Video – for high definition movie viewing.
  • Wi-Fi-connect with compatible smart devices to upload photos instantly
  • 300g – lightweight and portable for simplistic travelCanon PowerShot SX720 review
  • 5.9 frame per second burst – fast shutter speed
  • Very good battery life

This Light and versatile camera with its super zoom and stabilization would be perfect for capturing detailed moving images from afar and sharing them instantly on your phone with the Wi-Fi connect feature. Its battery life is also up to scratch, so you can go long days without worrying your gadget dying right before that perfect shot!


Key features: 40X optical zoom – Wi-Fi connect – Optical image stabilisation

Pricing: Affordable




In this article, we looked at 3 very cool, very high-quality cameras. They each have unique features which make them stand out, but when finding the best overall camera for travelling, there was one that stood out just that bit more.

The winner was, of course, Panasonic’s own DC-TZ90EB-K. It may not be the

cheapest on the list but when when it comes downs to good, quality and reliable camera the Panasonic will not let you down. With its amazing 30x optical zoom and its awesome 10fps shutter speed for a compact camera, and let’s not forget its handy flip-up selfie screen, it had to had the top spot above the others. Let’s face it – what’s a holiday without selfies? Not only that, but you can’t beat taking them ultra high-defintion 4k quality. Now that’s something that you’ll only take home with you on Panasonic’s ultimate travel camera.


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